Prices Grooming

Puppy service

Getting to know the devices and the salon, possibly cutting free eyes 

20€/30 Minutes


Cutting free small things/brushing (eyes, intimate area, paws 

15€/15 Minutes

Partial service S/M/L/XL

Cutting/trimming/brushing/styling, cutting nails


Komplete service S/M/L/XL

Washing, blow-drying, cutting/trimming/brushing/styling, cutting nails


Bath + Blow dry S/M/L/XL

Professional washing + blow-drying with high-velocity blower



Thorough brushing out of dead hair and undercoat

25€ / 30 Minutes

Paw care

Cutting nails, cutting paws into shape + shaving 

15 €

Nail cutting

Professional nail cutting


Premium Shampoo S/M/L/XL

Cares for skin and fur, depending on your preference for whiter fur,

for allergy sufferers, against dandruff, deep-cleaning


The size is calculated from the shoulder height, where S = <30cm, M = 30-50cm, L = 50-70cm, XL = >70cm.

The prices are starting prices. For unusual cuts that take significantly more time, a surcharge will be charged.

A surcharge will also be charged for heavy soiling or matting depending on the amount of work involved.

Please cancel at least 24 hours in advance by phone, mailbox or WhatsApp!

Prices Dog training

Telephone initial consult

Brief presentation of the problem/wishes, appointment scheduling


Evaluation for problem Behaviour

Personal viewing of problem behavior, precise evaluation

Possibly management measures until training begins 

60€/60 Minutes

Each more 15 Minutes 10 

Individual Training

Training at your home or where the problem behaviour occurs

60€/50 Minutes

Management plan

Each Training step is listed individually, tailored to your dog


Kilometer money

From Fischamend or Kottingbrunn, the first 10 km are free

10 km free, later 0,42/km

Discounts for individual training

5x Block - 10%/10x Block - 20% 

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