Complete Service

With this service, your dog is made beautiful and clean all around. He is washed and blow-dried, then cut, trimmed, brushed out or just styled depending on the breed and your wishes. Nail and ear care is of course included in this package.

Partial Service

This package is ideal for dogs that are afraid of water. Here, only cutting, trimming, brushing and styling are done. Nail and ear care is also included here.


This package can be used for small things that come up between appointments. For example, if the eyes are too overgrown, the paw hair is too long, or the hair in the intimate area is too long.

Puppy service

Socializing puppies is very important, including visiting the dog groomer. This is about a simple introduction to the salon, the table and the equipment. The dog is gently presented with everything and hears all the noises and feels a brush. Smaller things can also be done, such as cutting eyes free.

This service is also helpful for training purposes for older dogs who have never been to a dog groomer or have had bad experiences.


If your dog is only losing hair at home, this service will help you. Your dog will be thoroughly brushed from head to tail. This is particularly helpful during coat change, but with undercoat dogs you should remove the dead undercoat more often. This allows more air to reach the skin and your dog can regulate its body temperature better.

Paw service

Here the paws are made pretty and cared for. The claws are cut and the fur is shaped. The pads are shaved. This helps to prevent matting, gives the dog better grip on slippery surfaces and improves cooling through the pads.

Nail cutting

If your pet's claws touch the ground while standing, they should be cut. This is convenient and quick in my salon and usually less stressful for dog and owner.

Wash + blow dry

Every dog needs to be washed from time to time. In my salon there are high-quality shampoos and conditioners tailored exactly to your four-legged friend. After the subsequent blow-drying with a high-performance blower, the dog is completely dry again and you don't have to worry about catching a cold.

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