Hundesalon Dog Cut

  Professional Grooming & 

Dog Training

My groomin Salon "Dog Cut" combines the right grooming with positive training. With my extensive expertise in both areas, I can make your pet's visit to the hairdresser as pleasant as possible and cut an individual hairstyle according to your wishes.

The beautiful appearance of your dog is very important to me, but so is its well-being. Every dog is allowed to take a break if it gets too much or is offered some water. Toys and a comfortable dog bed are always provided if your dog has to wait for a short time.

I deal with anxious dogs individually and also follow existing training instructions. If you don't have a personal dog trainer yet, I'll be happy to help you create a personal training plan to make the next hairdresser visits more enjoyable for your dog.

As a qualified animal welfare dog trainer, I am also happy to help you with other behavioral problems or educational questions from everyday life.


Your dog should come out of the salon looking pretty and well-groomed. Please share your ideas with me exactly or show me a picture. This ensures that your four-legged friend actually looks the way you imagined it would.


Your dog should feel comfortable with me in the salon and like to come back. That's why I attach great importance to a good relationship and a slow getting to know each other. You are welcome to take your dog's favorite treats with you, which will sweeten your visit to the hairdresser.


With the right training, you can help your dog through many situations. One of them is the dog salon, where cooperation training can help the dog overcome insecurity. But training is also necessary in everyday life and can simplify living together in many ways.